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R E C E N T:

Constellation Stage and Screen - Bloomington

Webster's Bitch

(Winner of the 2023-2024 Woodward/Newman Award for Drama!)

January 25 - February 11, 2024

Northwest Classical Theater - Portland

Summer 2023

HAPPY DAYS by Samuel Beckett

Audience Comment:  What an ability to sustain that hallucinatory monologue for 90 minutes, with moments of such searing profundity, strained joy, sincere sorrow. I was reminded of a spectrum of human existence: the unhoused people I work with, my marriage, other people's marriages, the frightening solitude we try to soothe with small, repetitive acts and little desperate reaches toward a preoccupied other. "That was Mrs. Bouquet in hell, by way of Gilda Radner," I said to my husband. We loved it. 

Third Rail Rep - Portland, OR

May 2023

MARY JANE by Amy Herzog

Cardinal Stage

September 2021


  "Kondrat’s comic timing is spot on, making the  tenderness that much more compelling. I went  in feeling wary of sentimentality, and left feeling genuinely uplifted. This show really does remind you of what makes life worth living."
       Alex Chambers, Host/Producer 

       WFIU's Inner States

R E V I E W S:

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